Retail Employee Self Service

Create an employee-centric organization with improved productivity and retention by empowering your retail employees to have more flexibility to work, collaborate with each other, and feel connected & involved.

Highly engaged employees are 38% more productive. Empower and engage your retail employees by giving them the right tools to connect, communicate and collaborate through a single and simple Employee Self Service app, completely designed to support their day-to-day retail activities.

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Tools that simplify retail store staff’s day-to-day activities

Allow your employees to gain more control and flexibility over their work schedules by picking up or trading shifts, working for additional shifts, and working in multiple stores in the same city.

Allows employees to mark a specific time-off request as paid time from available non-productive banks or submit a general time-off request not pertaining to a bank.

Enable employees to connect, collaborate, and celebrate by providing a forum to receive information, share feedback and recognize each other using social features.

Bring out the best in your people by running healthy competitions to achieve and exceed their sales targets through leaderboards, streaks, and rankings.
ESS Shift Exchange
ESS Time-Off Requests
Employee Engagement
ESS Gamified Leaderboards

Use Cases

Time-off Requests

  • Submit time-off requests in the app.
  • Get notified on request approval or denial.
  • View schedules and timecards directly in the app

Gamified Sales Competition

  • Create excitement and motivation among your employees to increase sales focus and results.
  • Create a sense of connection and performance transparency through friendly competition.
  • Help employees understand how they are contributing to a bigger picture.

Shift Exchange

  • Allow associates and managers to post  unassigned shifts.
  • Allow employees to pick up additional shift or trade shifts.
  • Allow employees to work at multiple stores.

Discussion Boards

  • Engage employees by sharing ideas, direction, or feedback in real time.
  • Increase recognition and celebrate success across all the levels of organization.
  • Give your employees a voice to express their views by running employee surveys and ‘Pulse Polls’ in real-time

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“StoreForce is able to do in seconds what took each store manager many hours in the past, with far more accuracy.”

Adam Burrows, Store Manager, BeaverBrooks

“Journeys increased its pay per hour, reduced hours, achieving higher conversion, and better labor productivity by putting hours in the right spots in the workweek.”

CEO for Genesco, Parent Company of Journeys

“Prior to StoreForce, we were using up to 10 different platforms. With StoreForce, not only is everything in one place, but it’s also mobile.”

Nicole Johnson, District Manager, Snipes

“Introducing StoreForce to all of our stores has been a key milestone in supporting our mission to elevate consumer engagement and store efficiency in real time.”

Diego Baronchelli, Vice President, Direct To Consumers EMEA at Vans, a Division of VF


Insights from Industry Leaders at Retail Technology Show 2024 

Insights from Industry Leaders at Retail Technology Show 2024 

Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect with Their Associates, and Execute Tasks Efficiently from Afar

Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect with Their Associates, and Execute Tasks Efficiently from Afar

Duluth Trading Company Success Story

Duluth Trading Company Success Story

[Video] Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise

[Video] Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise


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