Duluth Trading Company Success Story

“We are excited to use the Discussion Board and I am excited to see where they will grow to” ~ Marina Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Retail Operations, Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company storefront

Duluth recently introduced StoreForce’s Discussion Boards to their physical inventory process. This helped to streamline communication and drive consistency of execution. Discussion Boards also allowed for two-way communication between all levels of the organization. Using Discussion Boards, Duluth’s store teams were able to easily ask questions and get immediate answers, even if they were hundreds of miles apart.

You will discover:

  • How StoreForce Discussion Boards helped improve communications and transparency between Duluth store teams
  • How Discussion Boards are fun and easy to use and provide value to front line store associates

StoreForce can help you to achieve your retail goals and labor planning effectiveness. Interested in learning more? Contact us and engage with one of our retail experts as to how we can future proof your overall retail store management.


Established in 1987 as a catalog merchant, Duluth Trading Company now has over 60 stores across the US. The brand specializes in high-quality casual and workwear for men and women. They also sell work accessories such as their famous Bucket Boss tool organizer. Their stores boast a fun, “like no other” experience with unique historical displays, found objects, and helpful, knowledgeable associates. They are committed to outstanding customer service backed by their “No Bull Guarantee.”

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