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About StoreForce And Retail Operations Solutions

Learn more about StoreForce and retail operations solutions.

Learn more about how specialty retailers can benefit from having retail operations solutions – from workforce management to retail execution, from KPI performance management to employee engagement, and more.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management includes all the processes necessary to onboard, train, and schedule workers and employees. Workforce Management also lets retailers account for time worked, time off (including paid and unpaid), and loaning and borrowing store associates from other stores.

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Store labor is a retailer’s largest controllable expense, and, utilized properly, it can also be their greatest asset. 50% or more of a stores’ weekly sales happen in 20 peak open hours. This means that with proper scheduling, stores can get the right associates on the shop floor during peak hours to maximize profits. Retailers need to schedule the right people at the right time, to drive the top line.

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StoreForce automates the scheduling and time & attendance processes for store managers, by creating schedules that best match customer demand and reducing the time it takes to ensure worked time is accounted for accurately. StoreForce uses algorithms to properly account for the performance of individual employees, as well as store traffic trends, to generate optimal schedules within minutes, saving a lot of time and resources that would otherwise go into the process.

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KPI Performance Management

Retailers rely on certain key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand the health and direction of their business. KPI performance management allows retailers to understand their business trends and identifying opportunities quickly and accurately across their entire estate. Retailers can establish KPI targets store by store to focus store teams on goals and identify plans of action to fulfil them.

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Not everything in retail is within the stores ability to influence, but there are a number of retail KPIs that store teams have ownership over. KPIs like Conversion, Units Per Transaction (UPT), and Average Transaction Value (ATV) are heavily influenced by the retail store employee. Being able to measure these KPIs down to a store day or even hour level is essential to identifying opportunities.

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Retail Execution

Retail execution is an integrated set of tools that allows the retailer to streamline communication, plan, assign and report on task completion, audit store execution, and engage with associates across the estate in real-time

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As your organization grows, so too should your internal processes. Reliance on email and Excel spreadsheets does not scale. Retailers need to be agile, flexible, and dynamic in communicating to and from stores. Having a dedicated set of tools to enforce consistent brand execution across your entire estate can help with rapid and concise communication without slowing things down.

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StoreForce addresses the challenges of communicating to the right audience at the right time, with the right supporting materials, and addressing the store execution gaps. Leveraging the Retail Execution components across your business allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience across all of your stores.

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StoreForce brings all communication channels a store needs into a single place. For day-to-day messaging, StoreForce is a complete and simple tool for you to use. At a Glance contains all of the communication, tasks, events, and messaging tools a store needs to open its doors to the customer.

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Time and Attendance

Time & Attendance captures an employee’s time worked, as well as their time off. StoreForce Time and Attendance also takes into account the legislative/policy standards in for retailers around the globe.

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StoreForce’s Time & Attendance software can automate the T&A process making. This streamlines the daily task of reconciling timecards by allowing store managers to focus on exceptions making it more accurate, and more transparent.
StoreForce T&A is integrated into StoreForce WFM, allowing the system to highlight exceptions to managers, rather than reviewing every timecard for every employee. A fast process, leaving more time in the store manager’s day to focus on coaching their teams.

Employee Engagement

82% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a retailer that is friendly and knowledgeable. Retail Employee Engagement empowers your workforce to put their best foot forward every day. Connecting with your employees allows for them to receive words of encouragement, project updates, which overall increase the retention of your staff. All of which are essential for a successful retail business.
An engaged workforce is more productive and easier to retain. These aspects are both big advantages for retailers. While allowing your staff to proactively engage with customers with confidence, they feel more inclined to put their best foot forward each day. Overall, this makes them feel valued in the company and creates an attachment to their role.

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StoreForce allows organizations to improve their employee centricity by giving their employees more flexibility to work, connect, collaborate and celebrate the success across the estate.

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About StoreForce

StoreForce is a comprehensive, suite of solutions for specialty retailers, that provides them with all the tools they need at every level of the organization to run their business successfully. StoreForce’s suite of solutions includes Retail Workforce Management, Retail KPI Performance Management, Retail Execution, and Retail Employee Self-Service.
Any retail brand where the store staff plays a role in supporting the customer experience will quickly realize the benefits of StoreForce. Retail leaders have the tools and information they need to drive business results and engage their associates.

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By using StoreForce, your retail business will be impacted through Top line sales growth, process improvement, and increased employee engagement. All of which will elevate the efficiency and value of your business.

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