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5 Ways to Elevate your Retail Staff Performance

August 10, 2022 in Employee Engagement, Performance Management

What if we told you we have the key to maximizing your store staff’s efficiencies? Well, we do!

Throughout countless studies, the physical store is the #1 touchpoint for consumers to engage and interact with your brand.

Many people come in to browse the store, return a product or, ideally, purchase an item that meets their needs. Store staff are brand ambassadors and must perform flawlessly every day for your business to thrive. 

With every employee, there is a direct connection with your customers. The engine for making the heart of your business run is the people that put your strategy into practice.

Let us show you our top 5 ways to optimize your store staff and ultimately drive more revenue to your business.

1. Real-time Performance Data 

Want to know if you are being productive and efficient? Knowing real-time data insights can assist employees with highlighting areas to improve on. This feature could be the difference between hitting your daily revenue targets or coming up short. 

2. Sales Leadership Planning

Empowering your store staff to take up the sales leader role for the assigned number of hours brings focus to the most important activity within your stores – CX. These individuals change the behavior of the rest of the staff and bring sales productivity to the next level. Sales leaders will ensure that your selling programs are firing on all cylinders all the time. 

3. Gamification 

There is nothing better than some friendly competition! The gamification model allows employees to transform their work environment into a place of fun. Features like a point system, leaderboards, and the potential for awards make your employees work more proactively.

Gamification can be introduced at in-store, inter-store, national and international levels. All you need is real-time performance visibility across the stores and the tools to record change in trend. A rush to win the game quickly transforms into an inspiration to win the customer.

4. Labor Pooling

The best force for winning a sporting match is playing as a team. Having the ability to communicate with stores in a similar geography and utilize the supply of their staff not only creates better quality jobs (and tenure), but is also the best way to fill open shifts.  Shift exchange and labor pooling can help ensure you have the right staff on the floor during busy days when there are sales or a holiday.  

5. Real-time Coaching

Store staff face problems in real-time on the shop floor. A key role of your store leaders is to help solve these issues. You want your store leaders to stand out, and to do so they must have the ability to coach throughout their shifts. Make sure your employees have a coach at their side along the way, and a coaching playbook to ensure consistency in messaging. This will improve their skills and benefit the business.

If you are noticing a lack of employee retention and productivity, it is time for something new. These additional pieces are simple to integrate into day to day operations and will help with employee engagement and retention.

StoreForce is the perfect software for elevating your retail store staff performance and as a result, improving overall operations. Our all-in-one platform can incorporate and automate everything you need into your business culture. If you want to learn more ways to optimize your retail staff with StoreForce, contact us today.

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