Find supplemental materials to enhance your understanding of specialty retail, courtesy of the subject matter experts at StoreForce.

The Retail Growth and Profitability Formula

At StoreForce, we want retailers to build their businesses, even during these expensive times. Here are three ways you can continue to grow the top line while driving bottom-line profitability for your business. We call this the Growth and Profitability Formula. 

Performance at Peak

Are you beating your sales goals during your peak traffic hours? StoreForce clients are. You likely recognize that your peak times are busy, but would you be surprised to find that half of your retail store sales happen during only a quarter of the store’s open hours?

The Role of a Field Leader

Field leaders remain the most important part of any retail organization – they are the heartbeat of retail. In this document, we look at the various job functions they fulfil in their role.

Duluth Trading Company Uses StoreForce To Improve Communication

Duluth recently introduced StoreForce Discussion Boards to their physical inventory process. This allowed for communication between all levels of the organization. Duluth’s store teams were able to easily ask questions and get immediate answers, even if they were hundreds of miles apart. Learn more about how Discussion Boards can help Specialty Retailers streamline processes.

Reitmans Becomes An Omnichannel Business With StoreForce

Using StoreForce, Reitmans has created personalized KPIs that help them to better understand which channel their sales can be attributed to. Geolocating sales pinpoints which brick-and-mortar location should be given credit for those same geographic ecomm sales. This allows them to better allocate labor hours, and lets them budget for each store more accurately. Learn more.

StoreForce Alleviates the Pressure of Workforce Management for LUSH

Lush was able to navigate the general challenges of specialty retail, as well as those unique to the Middle Eastern market, with StoreForce’s Retail Workforce Management tools. StoreForce tools allowed for better workforce and KPI management, while reducing friction for store associates, workers, and managers, without compromising the customer experience.

Retail Peak Hours Are Critical in Driving Store Performance

Knowing when your peak 20 hours occur, and scheduling to recommended coverage during those are the first steps in driving top-line performance.

Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect With Associates and Execute Tasks Efficiently

With StoreForce’s Store Visit and Store Audit tools, Reitmans was able to continue to achieve a consistency of store execution from afar. Virtual audits helped maintain Reitman’s operational efficiencies. And the Post-Mortem tool helped Reitmans measure the success of their events, allowing for better planning in the future.

Unified Solution for Omnified Retail

It is the right time for retail leaders to think about a unified solution which can prepare their organization for a technology enabled revolution in customer experience and employee efficiency. In this whitepaper, we will be looking at the top 4 tools needed by Speciality Retailers to run a profitable store.

Staying Relevant – A Retail Playbook to Succeed in Challenging Times

In this Thought Leader’s Lab, industry experts share insights into what brands and merchants can do to succeed in a challenging retail market. This report includes a transcript of the roundtable session as well as a two-page, specialty retail playbook for 2023. To create this special report, WWD teamed up with retail industry veterans from StoreForce to conduct a Thought Leader’s Lab with top retail brands where the participants identified the challenges and opportunities specialty retailers face in a market that continues to undergo extreme change.

StoreForce All In One Retail Operations Solution

Get the most value out of each store by using a single retail solution that helps you drive sales, optimize your workforce, execute your strategies and ensure a highly engaged workforce.

Get complete visibility to your stores’ performance through a single source of truth and navigate it real time towards profitability. With StoreForce’s All-In-One solution, you can optimize your labor spend, get maximum business out of your peak hours, execute your retail strategies accurately across stores, streamline retail operations, and increase employee retention.

Capture Mindshare By Providing A Consistent Customer Experience

In today’s retail landscape, customers are prioritizing experiences above everything else. Research done by Harvard Business School suggests that increasing customer retention by 5% improves your sales by 25-95%. It has become critical for the retail industry to start working toward delivering the right experiences.