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Tom Tailor and StoreForce – Driving Growth Through An “Opportunity-Driven System”

“One of the other key advantages that StoreForce offers when compared to the other options we considered – including providers based here in Germany – is that it’s an all-in-one solution, easy to use and very well tested by successful retailers. That was pretty important in the decision-making process as we were keen to reduce the multiple touchpoints for our retail teams, freeing them up to focus on the customer experience.”

Alexander Mahler, Head of Retail Operations at Tom Tailor

As competition increases and footfall declines, a growing number of brick-and-mortar retailers are turning to performance and labour analytics to make smarter decisions on how to hit targets. Here, StoreForce talks to Alexander Mahler, Head of Retail Operations at Tom Tailor, to find out how StoreForce has empowered its teams to maximise sales by leveraging real-time data.

You will discover:

  • How Tom Tailor was able to get more insight into how its stores are performing on an ongoing level, and use those insights to pre-emptively respond to upcoming opportunities.
  • How Tom Tailor leveraged StoreForce to enhance employee engagement and streamline internal communications across the brand.
  • How since introducing the system, the brand has increased overall sales, as well as a proven increase in average transaction value.

StoreForce can help you to achieve your retail goals and labor planning effectiveness. Interested in learninug more? Contact us and engage with one of our retail experts as to how we can future proof your overall retail store management.


Starting out as a small German textile company in the 1960s, Tom Tailor has expanded into an internationally acclaimed brand with a strong global presence. From its Hamburg headquarters the casual fashion and lifestyle label designs and produces ten collections each year – including menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and homeware – and distributes its products through 421 of its mono-label retail stores, plus several wholesale partners. With its ranges available across 35 countries, the brand has achieved impressive core sales in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as Switzerland, South-eastern Europe and Russia..

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