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6 Ways to Increase Associate Performance

March 1, 2019 in Performance Management, Thought Leadership

Here are six ways on how to improve your Associate Performance:

1. Set Balanced Targets

Setting the proper expectation is essential to getting buy-in. The targets for each associate MUST balance to the target of the store. This instills a sense of Team with common purposes and goals. Further, ratio targets must also balance using Retail Math.

For example, Sales target ÷ average basket target = transactions target → avoid setting targets that do not balance.

2. Communicate to All Available Associates

Provide focused communication to all available Associates at the start of each day, and for each Associate at the start of their shifts. Additionally, share the targets, tasks, and store events, as well as, set clear expectations around the role of the Associate, will play to help achieve those objectives.

3. Monitor Actions and Behaviors on the Floor

Are the actions and behaviors are in line with the brand standards? Or, more importantly, are they in line with the coaching messages you’ve given them in the past? Provide regular reinforcement of selling principles and go out of your way to cheer on their successes.

4. Measure the Effectiveness of Associates Actions and Behaviors

Measure the effectiveness of their actions and behaviors and share the results with them. Gamify the measurements by having district, region or company leaderboards. Furthermore, measure streaks (consecutive shifts hitting target), rankings and progress (changes in rankings), and deliver these metrics automatically and daily in a personalized format to each Associate.

5. Action Performance

Action performance each shift with coaching suggestions.

Retail is a simple business – and retail math is at its core. The behaviors associated with driving customer conversion (Quantity of Sales) are counter to the behaviors associated with wardrobing or building the basket (Quality of Sales).

What are your brand standards for each group of behaviors? Celebrate and recognize great Associate Performance every chance you get and provide constructive coaching on areas of opportunity for improvement.

6. Manage

Incorporate longer-term trends into regular performance reviews or performance feedback sessions. Identify specific focus behaviors, relating either to driving Quality of Sale or Quantity of Sale, and develop an action plan to work on one or two of these behaviors. In addition, use role-playing in quiet periods to reinforce this learning, and coach in real time to reinforce.

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