Retail KPI Performance Management

Deliver remarkable customer experience and drive positive business results by changing the behaviour in real-time to consistently achieve sales targets

StoreForce KPI Performance Management

Leverage machine learning to maximize sales using real-time KPI dashboards, statistics, and advanced target creation. Focus your labour, selling, and non-selling activities towards consistently achieving business target aligned to customer trends. Watch the video to learn more!

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Tools That Help You Maximise Performance Against Targets

Leverage machine learning to link metrics to selling behavior using dashboards. Identify opportunities and coach your teams in real-time to maximise your ability to drive sales.

Identify missed opportunities by day of week and time of day, based on actual performance. Change the conversation from ‘What happened?,’ to ‘What actions should be taken?’

Use store-specific history to determine where a location (store, district, company, etc.) should be at any point in the day or week in order to achieve targets.

Use Cases


  • Link metrics to behaviors. Analyse the KPIs for the most recent half hour and provide coaching suggestions.
  • Build retail business acumen within your store leadership teams by teaching retail math and showing how the levers they pull impact results
  • Drill down on any KPI from the dashboard. View KPI performance details by regions, districts, stores, or individual associates.

Performance Statistics

  • Allow visibility to performance over time and trends, and capture feedback in the application.
  • Analyse trends over quarters or seasons to Identify opportunities by day of week and time of day
  • Quickly compare and contrast different time periods to identify opportunities month to month or year over year.

Target Management

  • The foundation level of the solution, Target Management uses advanced methodologies to create actionable targets across all metrics and all time periods.
  • Create achievable targets for future weeks using historical data plus user-defined modeling criteria.
  • Pick your focus KPIs to drive engagement and behaviors, and let the system create the supporting targets using a balanced approach.

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“As soon as we had access to the insights provided by StoreForce, our staff were able to adapt, significantly increasing sales without any increase in costs.”

Anna Blackburn, Managing Director, BeaverBrooks

“With StoreForce, I’ve personally been able to coach the team on how to identify and seize opportunities.”

Nicole Johnson, District Manager, Snipes

“I keep the dashboard up in the background so I can get a sense of what is going on. It’s exciting to watch and it gives us an opportunity to celebrate with our teams, to recognize them and the progress they’re making.”

Roz Johnson, Sr. VP Store Operations and Guest Experience, Build-A-Bear Workshop

“Every single day our managers can actually see the performance metrics that they are generating on a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or a year-to-date basis. That helps change behavior”

Mark Rimler, SVP Operations, Marshall Retail Group


Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect with Their Associates, and Execute Tasks Efficiently from Afar

Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect with Their Associates, and Execute Tasks Efficiently from Afar

Duluth Trading Company Success Story

Duluth Trading Company Success Story

[Video] Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise

[Video] Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise


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