At Storeforce, we consider ourselves retailers first, and technology vendors second. We are extremely passionate about retail and helping our clients thrive.

StoreForce WFM, Positive Sales Growth and
Consistent Brand Delivery

StoreForce delivers Positive Sales Growth and a Consistent Brand Experience

StoreForce’s story began in 2010 with our founders, Dave Loat and Chris Matichuk. With extensive backgrounds in retail as well as retail management consulting, they recognized the need to provide a simple, consolidated solution for Specialty Retail. StoreForce is built by Retailers, for Retailers. When we say that, we mean it – we understand the business, its goals, and the paths to success. Our ultimate goal is to enable specialty retailers with a simple, single solution that becomes an integral part of everyday retailing.

At StoreForce, we help retailers manage their employees and operations so that they can keep their focus on what matters the most – the customers. After all, the secret of successful retailing is giving your customers what they want, how they want it, where they want it, and when they want it.

StoreForce covers it all, from enhancing employee and company performance to precisely implementing retail strategy across all stores to engaging and motivating your employees.

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