All-In-One Retail Operations Solution

Get the most value out of each store by using StoreForce  All In One Retail Operations Solution to drive sales, optimise your workforce, manage time and attendance, execute your strategies and ensure a highly engaged workforce.

Get complete visibility to your stores’ performance through a single source of truth and navigate it real time towards profitability. With StoreForce’s All-In-One Retail Operations solution, you can optimise your labour spend, get maximum business out of your peak hours, execute your retail strategies accurately across stores, streamline retail operations, and increase employee retention.

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All In One Retail Operations Solution that help you get the most value out of each store

Generate optimised schedules to get the right associates in the right place at the right time and maximise your sales opportunities.

Drive positive business top-line results with real-time metrics and insights. Change strategies and behaviours on the fly, and consistently achieve and exceed sales targets.

Deliver a consistent customer experience and brand promise by executing your strategies consistently across all stores.

Create an employee-centric organisation with improved productivity and retention by empowering your retail employees for flexibility to work, connect, collaborate, and feel involved.

Use Cases for StoreForce All In One Retail Operations 

Retail Workforce Management

  • Cover your peak hours effectively by scheduling your best associates.
  • Empower employees to be scheduled in multiple stores and pick up additional shifts.
  • Band stores based on historical performance and attributes to assess labour needs and identify outliers.
  • Automate timecard reconciliation by comparing worked time to scheduled time and call out exceptions to store managers.

KPI Performance Management

  • Link metrics to behaviours. Analyse the KPIs for the most recent half hour and provide coaching suggestions.
  • Drill down on any KPI from the dashboard. View KPI performance details by regions, districts, stores, or individual associates.
  • Identify missed opportunities by day of week and time of day, based on actual performance.
  • Use store-specific history to determine where a location (store, district, company, etc.) should be at any point in the day or week in order to achieve targets.

Employee Engagement

  • Allow your employees to pick up or trade shifts, work for additional shifts, and work in multiple stores in the same city.
  • Allows employees to mark a specific time-off request as paid time from available non-productive banks.
  • Enable employees to connect, collaborate, and celebrate by providing a forum to receive information, share feedback and recognise each other
  • Bring out the best in your people by running healthy competitions to achieve and exceed their sales targets through leaderboards, streaks, and rankings.

Retail Execution

  • Give your store associates, managers, and field teams access to the most relevant information in one place
  • Stay connected and collaborate with various levels of the organisation by using social tools
  • Reduce emails by creating, managing, and monitoring recurring and one-time tasks.
  • Create the ideal store visit by easily pulling together store performance, schedule data, and audit checklists into a single tailored store visit.

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StoreForce’s All-In-One Retail Operations Solution Can Help You, No Matter Your Role

Sales and Operations Head

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Introducing StoreForce to all of our stores in the region has been a key milestone in supporting our mission to elevate consumer engagement and store efficiency in real time.

Diego Baronchelli, VP of Director to Consumers EMEA, Vans

Shoe Palace Logo
This is the best software tool I have ever had as a retail executive to drive sales! It understands Specialty Retail better than any of the systems I have ever used

Shawn Higdon, Vice President of Operations, Shoe Palace

StoreForce is an amazing system that helps leverage sales, track key business indicators and manage teams! A game changer!

Carmen Gagnor, Manager of Orillia Penningtons, Penningtons

StoreForce is one of the factors that helped us to maintain our sales growth over the last twelve months and has helped us manage our wage cost and stay within budget.

Mark Lincoln, Director, LUSH Australia


Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect with Their Associates, and Execute Tasks Efficiently from Afar

Reitmans Field Leaders Use StoreForce to Connect with Their Associates, and Execute Tasks Efficiently from Afar

Duluth Trading Company Success Story

Duluth Trading Company Success Story

[Video] Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise

[Video] Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise


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