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Join StoreForce at NRF 2024

December 6, 2023 in Employee Engagement, Retail Community Corner, Retail Events, Retail Trends

NRF 2024 is upon us, and we are thrilled to announce that StoreForce will be at Booth #1021 to talk about all things retail. 

While we do that, allow us to show you a tool that:

• alleviates and elevates scheduling,
• engages and retains your associates,
• retrieves in-the-moment data, and
• helps provide a consistent brand experience while expanding your stores. 

What is this tool you speak of?

Well, it’s StoreForce of course. StoreForce helps Specialty Retailers boost profitability by streamlining everyday tasks, empowering your #1 assets, and providing a real-time view of their store performance from a single source. 

You can see how every store is doing right from your fingertips.

We’ve helped retailers like Sephora, PUMA, Vans, The Body Shop, Shoe Palace, Journeys, and 130 others get the most value out of their stores. They believe in us so much that they voted for us to become Partner of the Year and The Retailer’s Favorite finalists at this year’s VIP Awards.

Our solution helps you maximize your labor budget, schedule your best associates during peak hours, drive brand consistency across all stores, and enhance employee retention rates

Instead of losing money to hire new employees, you’ll have an empowered workforce that stays and helps build the brand to new heights.

Take the 9 tools you currently use daily and switch them for StoreForce. Book a 15-minute meeting with our team at NRF 2024.

How LIDS solved their Workforce Puzzle: 5 Tactics to maximize your labor for Global Expansion

StoreForce is hosting a fun and insightful Big Ideas Session with our client, LIDS, where we discuss the five key tactics contributing to their global expansion of over 1300 stores and counting! 

This session will help you understand how to strategically manage lean labor, foster employee engagement, develop internal programs, navigate global growth, and maximize sales potential. 

Join us on January 15th, @ 2:15 p.m., to participate in a session that will help inspire your goals for 2024. Learn more about our panelists!

StoreForce X ThinkTime: What does this collaboration mean for retailers?

This year, we acquired ThinkTime and added them to our family of retail tools. Combining StoreForce’s expertise in specialty retail with ThinkTime’s proficiency in big enterprise retail, our solution addresses and solves a range of retail challenges.

Whether you’re optimizing operational efficiency or streamlining your in-store performance, our solution provides strategic and practical resolutions. Stop by Booth #1300 to learn how to leverage ThinkTime to increase profitability through productive and empowered associates.

StoreForce is a tool built by retailers, for retailers. We’ve lived your day-to-day, and we understand your struggles a lot more than you think. 

Contact Us Today to see how we can help you level up your retail game.

We look forward to seeing you at NRF 2024!

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