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Join the LIDS and StoreForce team as we discuss the five key tactics contributing to LIDS’ global expansion of over 1300 stores. Together, each tactic plays a significant role in solving their workforce puzzle. LIDS has mastered its operational approach. In this session, you will gain insights into strategically managing lean labor, fostering employee engagement, developing internal programs, navigating global growth, and maximizing sales potential. Gain valuable insights and walk away feeling empowered and ready to take your organization to the next level!

Meet The Panelists

Bliss Gordon, Host

Bliss Gordon is a Retail Leader and Business Strategist with over 20 years of experience in a variety of retail roles, including field leadership and corporate operations. As an Account Executive at StoreForce, Bliss brings an innovative style to retail operations with a focus on developing talent and process improvement. His combined knowledge in retail and technology allows him to help Specialty Retailers reach sales targets, increase associate productivity, and achieve new milestones with StoreForce.

Erika McKibben, LIDS

As LIDS’ Director of Operations, I strategically oversee all retail operations for the premier licensed sports headwear and apparel brand. With a Master’s in Sport Event Tourism, I’ve risen through the ranks from Project Coordinator, leveraging skills in project management to streamline inventory, optimize distribution, and enhance customer service. Committed to retail excellence, I deliver high-quality products and services that elevate the fan experience while fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within LIDS.

Dustin Trammell, LIDS

Dustin Trammell is the Vice President at LIDS, a premier sports headwear and apparel retailer. With over 30 years of experience, he has held roles as Regional Vice President and Senior Regional Sales Director. Dustin is known for his dynamic leadership, contributing to the success of LIDS’ operations. He is currently spearheading the U.S. Central, South West, North West, and West region, overseeing strategic initiatives, and promoting growth. Dustin engages with the retail community, sharing insights and showcases his commitment to fostering excellence in retail.

Roxanne Zazueta, LIDS

As a Lids District Manager, I leverage my skills to oversee all functions of stores in my region for the iconic licensed sports headwear and apparel brand, LIDS. With over a decade of experience, I’ve established myself as a respected District Manager known for excelling results, superior associate development, and controlling expenses. My passion for retail excellence and utilizing my past experiences allow me to assist in molding a better tomorrow for the LIDS team.

Leading Specialty Retailers Swear By StoreForce – Here’s Why

Increase Sales, Instantly

StoreForce provides a 5%+ sales lift right after implementation. 50% or more of a store’s weekly sales happen in 20 peak open hours. Get the right people working at the right times.

Feel the Love

Create an employee-centric organization with improved productivity and retention by empowering your retail employees to have more flexibility to work, collaborate with each other, and feel connected & involved.

Perfect Execution

Optimize in-store sales and deliver the right customer experience by using our five retail execution tools.

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