The Ongoing Evolution of Retail With BRC

The British Retail Consortium and StoreForce collaborated on a series of videos discussing the growing symbiosis between online and in-store offerings from retailers.

Chris Noble from StoreForce talks about the changing landscape of retail with the onset of online and digital, and how retailers can best adapt.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customers now expect the online and in-store experiences to be seamless;
  • Retailers need to balance the expectations of their customers with those of their employees;
  • Your 20 Peak Open Hours are where you’ll achieve the majority of your sales;
  • 58% of Gen-Z are willing to work late hours and weekends if the pay is right. Reward the staff that are ready to stick out the long hours;
  • Brick and mortar will remain a retail brand’s single most important touchpoint, in spite of all these other changes that are currently happening.

Balancing Needs

Let’s Just Call It Retail

What Have We Learned?

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