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Four Ways Having Robust Retail Task Management Tools Can Benefit Store Operations

March 25, 2022 in Field Managing in Retail, Store Communication, Store Execution

Managing tasks and scheduling them down to a store level can be complex. However, it is also essential in the modern retail landscape. Specialty retailers around the world are turning to task management tools to aid with this process. Along the way, they are discovering that these solutions can net many other benefits.

Streamline Process and Measure Results

Good task management tools allow the scheduling of tasks down to the individual store and district levels. They include the ability to track task completion and associated work effort. This can help track results across all levels of your retail organization. In turn, will ensure that your customer has a consistent brand experience across your entire estate. 

Maximize your labor spend without increasing hours

Effective tasking helps plan better around your store’s peak selling hours to ensure that customer experience doesn’t suffer. An effective tasking tool must be paired with scheduling.  This allows the use of ‘available capacity’ within your schedule to manage time efficiently without adding additional labor spend.

Engage and interact across your entire estate

A tasking tool needs to include robust communication and collaboration functionality. This can include document libraries, discussion boards, media markup, and sharing features. Using these communication features can help keep your staff informed and motivated, while streamlining communications and driving accountability.  

Deliver a consistent experience to customers at all levels of your brand  

It is common knowledge in the specialty retail industry – consumers value consistent brand experiences. Whether the customers cross a retailer’s lease line in New York or Los Angeles, the in-store experience must be the same.

This is where tasking and scheduling tools come in. The enhanced communication and collaboration they allow for help deliver consistency. Better communication also promotes employee engagement. This can be integral to keeping store associates motivated and reducing employee churn. This. in turn, facilitates a much more pleasant experience for customers as well.

Understanding your requirements is almost as important as having the right tool

Picking the right tasking tool can be a balancing act. You must have a tool that suits your organization’s unique requirements. It should streamline processes and be easy to use. As discussed, it should also help organize information, and engage all levels of your business. StoreForce Retail Execution tools offer all of this and more. StoreForce Retail Execution allows information sharing, feedback collection, and collaboration with store and field teams in one solution.

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Renzo Delvecchio is the Global Marketing Director for StoreForce and oversees the development of marketing strategies. With 20 years of experience in sales and marketing at leading tech companies, OpenText, EXFO, and Cisco Systems, he is responsible for developing product positioning, sales enablement and market intelligence for StoreForce. Renzo brings his expertise in managing global marketing campaigns to enable retailers on the how StoreForce will help them grow and propel their businesses in the new era of retail.

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