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Real-Time Communication and Flawless Store Execution Help You Win in Retail

August 31, 2021 in Store Communication, Store Execution, Thought Leadership

Making sure your stores have a consistent brand experience is paramount to winning in retail. Customers who walk into one of your stores in New York should have the same on-brand experience as those who walk into one of your stores in Seattle.

Improve Communications Across Stores

Organized and timely communication is essential for flawless store execution - Quote by Chris Matichuk

The world is moving fast, and retail is no different. Real-time communication has become a top priority for many retailers. Having the ability to communicate directly to stores through the most appropriate channel for the content is essential for this fast-paced industry.

Organized and timely communication is essential for flawless store execution. You may post brief messages to highlight something quickly, or post new policies or visual direction to a document library, or save images to a discussion board for collaboration. Either way, it needs to be quick, clear, and concise. The tools mentioned will help to ensure store compliance and increase employee knowledge. Having them all in one place ensures that stores know where to find the information that you are providing. StoreForce helps retailers drive performance and consistent execution in-store, with incorporated real-time communication within our platform.

Increased Employee Communication = Increased Employee Engagement

Employees who are engaged are productive and less likely to look for a different job. Increase retention by building engagement through employee communication tools. Help your employees feel connected, heard, and involved. StoreForce tools allow employees to:

  • Share feedback through Employee and Store Surveys.
  • Collaborate with their peers and headquarters on Discussion Boards.
  • Celebrate employee and store wins/successes via message posts.

Incorporating images and video, in addition to the more traditional written documents, will result in an increased fun factor as well as an increased engagement rate. Maintaining all materials centrally puts you in control of the latest version, and allows for specially curated content by store type or location.

Ensure Your Store’s Success

Stores now have a lot more responsibilities than they did before - Quote by Chris Matichuk

Your store’s success is dependent on many factors. Ensuring tasks are coordinated and easily communicated will enable greater execution within your store. Connect documents to tasks and events for ease of access at store level. leveraging simple dashboards will also allow you to monitor progress.

Stores have a lot going on, but you can help them stay organized and current. StoreForce helps you prioritize tasks to make sure your store is staying on track and getting everything done in a timely manner. StoreForce tools:

  • Increase the visibility of daily operations at the corporate and store levels with Dashboards, and the At-a-Glance daily planning feature.
  • Hold stores accountable with Task Reporting and Store Visits.
  • Ensure store compliance with Store Audits and Visual Compliance.

Providing your employees with the information they need when they need it will make your employee’s day-to-day work easier. It will also deliver consistency for your brand and allow your stores more time to better serve your customers.

There are many components involved in running a successful brick-and-mortar store, let alone a whole estate of them. And it can be difficult to manage all the moving parts. This is especially true now that stores have essentially become omni-hubs. Stores now have a lot more responsibilities than they did before. And with that responsibility, they are performing more activities than they have before.

Consolidating Tasks, Events, and Communication in one place helps to keep your store organized and better able to execute. Ensuring visibility throughout the organization assists in holding the stores accountable. This ultimately improves the customer experience, which is the main focus of all retailers.

StoreForce can help you to achieve your retail goals and labor planning effectiveness. Interested in learning more? Contact us and engage with one of our retail experts as to how we can future proof your overall retail store management.


Chris Matichuk, General Manager at StoreForce

Chris Matichuk leads the Services and Product teams as the General Manager of StoreForce. With over 30 years in retail, Chris has vast experience in retail consulting and retail systems. Chris has worked closely with 100+ retailers spanning nearly all formats of retail. She has held positions from field organization to corporate operations in department stores, big-box retail, and Specialty Retail.

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