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StoreForce and Yacobian Top-Line Solutions Partner to help Specialty Retail Diagnose Store Performance and Deliver Associate Coaching

May 9, 2016

Yacobian training videos are launched from StoreForce equipped mobile devices for in-store coaching that drives sales and a positive customer experience.

Toronto May 9, 2016 – StoreForce, the leader in Performance-Based Scheduling for Specialty Retail today announced further breakthrough capabilities for its industry-leading retail workforce and performance management platform.

Yacobian Coaching videos now launch through the StoreForce Dashboard Analyzer

Yacobian Top-Line Solutions has developed a series of training and coaching videos that are delivered through the StoreForce Dashboard Analyzer, enabling swift and effective behavioral change with store teams.  The StoreForce Dashboard Analyzer assesses store metrics throughout the day and based on performance, the Analyzer delivers coaching on sales behavior enabling Store Managers and Sales Floor Leaders to optimize conversion and transaction value. “The Dashboard Analyzer enables the Store Sales Leader to play the ideal coaching video for the situation – based on the specific Associate and key store metrics at the moment – all without taking the Associate off the store floor”, said StoreForce President Dave Loat.  “The brick and mortar store continues to be the most important brand touchpoint for a Retailer, and the Customer Experience delivered in-store is what will separate the winners from the losers.”

The “Engage” Series

Yacobian’s Engage series lays the foundation for creating a Buying Environment. The skills in this series are designed to increase the Quantity or Quality of sale by driving conversion and basket size.  Associates will discover how easy and powerful it can be to use their operational tasks to generate a positive and energetic store environment. “Each video delivers highly effective, pointed coaching content in 2-3 minutes and forms a great platform for a conversation between the Manager and Associate” according to Yacobian Founder and CEO, Michael Yacobian.  “Associates get to put the training into immediate use and that delivers highly measurable results.”

About Yacobian Top-Line Solutions:

For over 30 years Yacobian has worked with the world’s finest retailers to evolve Selling Environments into Buying Environments.  Buying Environments are born from the simple fundamental that customers dislike the feeling of “Selling” or being “Sold”, yet enjoy the feeling of “Buying” or being helped to “Buy”.  Buying Environment Behaviors are the genesis of Top Line Solutions and are a YACOBIAN hallmark.  Each behavior is designed to stimulate the customer’s natural emotion to buy – resulting in more and larger transactions. This exclusive content is easy to understand, internalize and apply because of the unique “floor-based” approach to learning YACOBIAN pioneered…known as Pro-Activity.

Yacobian Top-Line Solutions is headquartered in Weston, MA. For more information, contact Michael Yacobian at

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