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Become A Multifaceted Store Associate

June 14, 2023 in Retail Execution, Stores as Markets

Allow your store associates to be masters of all things retail!

The retail game is changing for your store associates. Instead of working in silos, we now need them to master all skills needed for the shop floor.

Associates must sell, analyze & shift gears, use technology efficiently, manage store tasks, and solve problems quickly.

1) The customer experience

The main skill set for your store associates is to sell your products while providing amazing customer service and representing the brand well.

Ensure your associates have a wealth of product knowledge and charisma while attending to your customers. They will remember this experience, and your brand will remain top of mind for their needs.

2) Analyze & Shift Gears

Day-to-day retailing changes on the fly. Your associates need to navigate the spontaneity of the storm. What needs their attention most?

Implement technology that allows for in-the-moment data. This will allow your associates to highlight areas of success and missed opportunities.

If you have 3 hours in your day to meet your sales targets, how will you know what to focus on?

Use your performance technology to decide whether to increase your Units per Transaction (UPT) or Average Transaction Value (ATV). Focusing on one metric over the other can provide a different outcome. Utilize your tools and win each day!

3) Use technology efficiently.

“Consumers judge retailers on their ability to connect with ease of access to browse, compare, and buy whether they choose to do that in-store or online.” – George Minakakis, Retail Expert

Omnichannel is no longer a buzzword and is a legitimate strategy. Your store associates are now being asked to accommodate customers at multiple levels.

It’s time to implement new technologies that help unify the buyer’s journey.

1) Your online store should help make purchasing seamless.

2) Your store should have the best associates on the shop floor at the right time.

Manage your omnichannel business efficiently. Connecting these two channels through a proper backend will provide a unified retail experience. Train your associates to manage the demands of online and in-store.

4) Manage store tasks.

Completing tasks is a struggle for most people. In fact, a disproportionately high number of projects that don’t use software for task management fail to meet expectations. Emails are the primary way of communicating.

Having tasks properly managed is a crucial part of retail execution.

Enable associates with the right tools to properly manage, prioritize tasks, and elevate your brand experience. This will allow for a polished environment in your stores.

5) Problem Solve on the Fly

Staying agile during problematic situations is key to running your retail business.

Issues arise daily in retail.  These could be missing opportunities, an associate canceling a shift, a store struggling to meet targets, or simply being overwhelmed with all the tasks head office sends.

Having a coach by your side can alleviate the pressures that are faced. It’s time to have the right tools in place to be available for your store associates when they need and coach them on the fly.

In today’s retail climate, it’s essential for all associates to stay agile and continue gaining new skills. These next few years will have some growing pains on your staff, so please be patient with them. Once they have learned their new skills, your business will be ready to meet consumer demand.

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