Retail Execution

Simplified but powerful task management – and everything else on top.

Task Management, Simplified.

Presenting StoreForce’s Retail Execution. The world’s most powerful task management tool for specialty retail, StoreForce Retail Execution allows large specialty retailers to:

  • Manage a high volume of tasks per store, per week;
  • Get a big picture view of your stores’ labor budget, and how additional tasks impact it;
  • Easily generate reports on task completion status and progress in a seamless and simplified workflow

Leading Specialty Retailers Around The World Use StoreForce.

It’s Not Just Task Management – StoreForce Retail Execution Helps You Achieve Consistent Brand Execution

Give your store associates, managers and field teams access to the most relevant information in one place, by organizing and maintaining your document library in StoreForce

Stay connected and collaborate with various levels of the organization, by using social tools like posts & replies, chat groups, questions, polling, sharing, and emoting

Reduce emails by creating, managing, and monitoring recurring and one-time tasks. Task Management includes the ability to plan, track, and follow-up with task reporting & photos

Elevate your store’s performance by getting a holistic view of the store through an on-site or virtual store audit. StoreForce allows you to score stores based on visits. Also included is robust reporting and action plan completion functionality.

Get ground level market insights and develop relevant strategies through surveys for employees, stores, and field leaders.

Empower your employees to connect, communicate and collaborate through a single Employee Self Service app where they can take surveys, share best practices, communicate their tasks, and celebrate the success.

One Solution To Meet All Your Needs

Task Management

  • Easily create tasks using workflows that get the information to the right people at the right time.
  • Embed all the supporting material required to get the job done in the task. 
  • Give the end user the opportunity to provide feedback on the task and report on the results.


  • Create rich documents with embedded links, photos, and videos.
  • Curate communication and send information to only those who need it.
  • Organize communication to your liking using folders and subfolders to organize content

Discussion Boards

  • Engage employees by sharing ideas, direction, or feedback in real time.
  • Send and receive feedback using polls, sharing photos, and celebrating one another
  • Tailor the discussion to the audience and leverage content from the communication tool to enrich the experience

Store Visits

  • Create the ideal store visit by easily pulling together store performance, schedule data, and audit checklists into a single tailored store visit
  • Schedule visits and track progress from the store visit dashboard
  • Create action plans and track completion inside the store visit so important details aren’t missed


  • Collect feedback from stores and field leaders
  • Use surveys to quickly gather tactical information or understand more complex issues 
  • Engage with each employee through employee surveys available in employee self-serve 

Retail Workforce Management

Generate optimized schedules to get the right associates in the right place at the right time and maximize your sales opportunities.

KPI Performance Management

Drive positive top-line business results with real-time metrics and insights. Change strategies and behaviors on the fly, and consistently achieve and exceed sales targets.

Retail Employee Engagement

Create an employee-centric organization with improved productivity and retention by empowering your retail employees for flexibility to work, connect, collaborate, and feel involved.

Retail All-In-One Operations Solution

Get the most value out of each store by using a single retail solution that helps you drive sales, optimize your workforce, execute your strategies and ensure a highly engaged workforce.

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