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Dr. Martens – Credibility, Consistency, and Improving Performance with StoreForce

“StoreForce is constantly used, and store managers feel that it is vital to their operations. It’s used as the dashboard on the shop floor so teams can see how they’re performing, it’s also used as a coaching tool, and to see what we need to improve on in the moment. It’s also accessible for every single salesperson to see how they’re doing, how the store is doing, and what they need to work on”

– Josh Coleman, Retail Lead for DTC Acceleration Initiatives

“I would absolutely recommend it to other retailers.” 

– Barry Loughran, EMEA Retail Operations Manager

Dr. Martens

Synonymous with global subcultures that span multiple decades, Dr. Martens and its iconic aesthetic has outlived countless fashion cycles, and since the turn of the century has gained a huge following globally. As a result, the footwear company now operates in over 140 stores across the world and remains focused on its core values and commitment to operational and organisational excellence.

Here we talk with the heritage brand’s EMEA Retail Operations Manager, Barry Loughran,
and its Retail Lead for DTC (Direct to Consumer) Acceleration Initiatives, Josh Coleman, to explore how StoreForce is supporting the global expansion of the business.

You will discover:

  • How StoreForce was able to help Dr. martens achieve consistency across the brand.
  • How the implementation of StoreForce made scheduling and planning a lot more consistent and commercial.
  • How StoreForce has helped Dr. Martens drive conversions and cost-savings glbally.
  • How StoreForce has helped Dr. Martens improve productivity.
  • How StoreForce is helping Dr. Martens future proof its business.

StoreForce can help you to achieve your retail goals and labor planning effectiveness. Interested in learninug more? Contact us and engage with one of our retail experts as to how we can future proof your overall retail store management.


The first Dr. Martens boot rolled off the production line on 1st April 1960, and because of that the boot is called the 1460. Today Dr. Martens continues to invest in people and performance as
part of its international growth strategy.

Today, in the era of the global village and social media, every aspect of youth culture and subcultural style has changed. Yet diverse individuals, fans and subcultures still champion Dr. Martens, attracted by its unique alternative appeal and authenticity in a world of homogeny.

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