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The State of Retail – Welcome and Opening Session

Addressing Increase in Non-Sales Scheduling

Redefining the Role of Brick & Mortar

Changing Workforce

Addressing Increase in Non Sales Scheduling

Customer Loyalty and NPS

Discussion Board Applications

Can We Just Call It Shopping?

Peak Performance

The Role of a Field Leader

Data Driven Insights

The Changing Workforce

The “Great Resignation” is taking a toll on the retail industry, which is also being impacted by unprecedented supply chain disruptions. It is within this context that StoreForce and Fairchild Studio conducted a survey of retail industry executives, managers, and owners to gauge the impact of labor shortages and other related issues on the industry.

Peak Retail Performance

The last year has sparked many changes in the retail landscape. Customer shopping patterns were adjusted due to capacity restrictions, shortened store hours and customer lifestyle changes. Amidst all this, it is important to remember that peaks are still occurring and continue to have the greatest impact on stores achieving their weekly sales targets.

Data Driven Insights

Key Performance Indicators are critical to the success of any retail business. They will determine whether certain employees are performing effectively and can identify areas for improvement. This process is in place to ensure your store can operate smoothly. In this blog, we look at some KPIs we at StoreForce feel are most beneficial for Specialty Retail.

Discussion Board Applications

Duluth recently introduced StoreForce Discussion Boards to their physical inventory process. This allowed for communication between all levels of the organization. Duluth’s store teams were able to easily ask questions and get immediate answers, even if they were hundreds of miles apart. Learn more about how Discussion Boards can help Specialty Retailers streamline processes.

Can We Just Call It Shopping?

Using StoreForce, Reitmans has created personalized KPIs that help them to better understand which channel their sales can be attributed to. Geolocating sales pinpoints which brick-and-mortar location should be given credit for those same geographic ecomm sales. This allows them to better allocate labor hours, and lets them budget for each store more accurately. Learn more.

Field Leadership in Retail

Many people come stores to browse, return a product or, ideally, purchase an item that meets their needs. Store staff are brand ambassadors and must perform flawlessly everyday for your business to thrive. The engine for making the heart of your business run is the people that put your strategy into practice. Let us show you how to optimize your store staff and drive more revenue to your business.

Customer Loyalty and NPS

In today’s retail landscape, customers are prioritizing experiences above everything else. Research done by Harvard Business School suggests that increasing customer retention by 5% improves your sales by 25-95%. It has become critical for the retail industry to start working toward delivering the right experiences.

Addressing Increase in Non-Sell Activities

 The last 18 months have impacted retail labor planning in a big way. This blog presents new labor planning methods that take into account the retail trends of today. These labor planning methods will help ensure your store is staffed with the right people at the right time, and with the right quantity required.

Redefining the Role of B&M

As technology becomes more advanced and presents more ways to shop, retailers must adapt quickly in order to stay relevant. To the consumer, your brand should feel the same, regardless of whether they are shopping online or in-store. Ultimately, bringing all the channels together to create one smooth and seamless customer experience is critical in retail today.